Collaborative Computational Project
for Electron cryo-Microscopy


Icknield Workshop: Model Building and Refinement for High Resolution EM Maps

Course hosted by CCP-EM at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory / Diamond Light Source | April 2017


Course Material

CCP-EM: Tom Burnley

Introduction and CCP-EM

Flex-EM: Maya Topf

FlexEM and TEMPy (background theory)

FlexEM and TEMPy (tutorial)

FlexEM and TEMPy (tutorial data)

Buccaneer: Kevin Cowtan

Buccaneer (background theory)

Refmac5: Garib Murshudov / Oleg Kovalevskiy

Refinement into cryo-EM maps (background theory)

Refmac (tutorial)

Coot: Paul Emsley

Coot tutorial (General introduction to Coot)

Coot for cryo-EM (background theory)