Collaborative Computational Project
for Electron cryo-Microscopy


Icknield Workshop: Model Building and Refinement using cryo-EM Maps

Course kindly hosted at RAL by DLS | April 2019




CCP-EM: Tom Burnley


LocScale: Arjen Jakobi

Map sharpening tools for cryo-EM density maps

Buccaneer: Kevin Cowtan

Model building in Buccaneer and Nautilus

MolProbity: Jane Richardson

Validating CryoEM models from diagnosis to healing

ARP/wARP: Grzegorz Chojnowski

Model building into high resolution cryo-EM maps

Coot: Paul Emsley

Cryo-EM Model-Building with Modern Coot

Refmac: Garib Murshudov

Refinement against cryo-EM maps

Refmac: Rob Nicholls

Restraints in Cryo-EM Refinement

Refmac: Rangana Warshamanage

Correlation as a measure of validation in cryoEM

Flex-EM & TEMPy: Agnel Joseph

Flexible fitting of atomic models in density (Flex-EM) and model assessment (TEMPy) & validation (CCP-EM)

ISOLDE: Tristan Croll

Isolde: Bringing macromolecular model building to life

EMDB: Osman Salih

PDB, EMDB & EMPIAR: Public Archiving of Cryo-EM data


CCP-EM: Buccaneer, Refmac, LocScale, Flex-EM

Buccaneer tutorial and data

Refmac tutorial and data

LocScale tutorial and data

Prepare map for LocScale script

LocScale tutorial and data

Flex-EM tutorial and data


Coot Cryo-EM Basics

Coot Cryo-EM Main