Collaborative Computational Project
for Electron cryo-Microscopy


Instruct Workshop: Computational tools for combining atomic and volume data

Course hosted by CCP-EM at Diamond Light Source and Research Complex at Harwell in April 2015. Funded by Instruct, CCP4 and CCP-EM.

Instruct course
Instruct course
Instruct course

Course Material

Flex-EM: Maya Topf

Tutorial: flex_em_tutorial.pdf (2 MB)

Example data: flex_em_example_data.tar.gz (100 kB)

ShapEM/DockEM: Alan Roseman

Presentation: dock_em_shape_em_slides1.pdf (8 MB), dock_em_shape_em_slides2.pdf (12 MB)

Example data and programs: alan-files2go.tar.gz (206 MB)

CCP4MG: Stuart McNicholas

Presentation: ccp4mg_instruct_2015.pptx (57 MB)

Refmac5: Garib Murshudov

Presentation: refmac_instruct_2015.pptx (62 MB)

Example data and scripts: refmac_tutorial.tar (354 MB)

Coot: Paul Emsley

Tutorial data: coot_tutorial_data.tar (41 MB)

Further details and examples can be found here: Scripts and Tools for EM Fitting

SMaSB/PDBeShape: Agnel Praveen Joseph

Presentation: smasb_pdbeshape_instruct_2015.pptx (8 MB)

Tutorial: smasb_pdbeshape_tutorial.pdf (3 MB)

Tutorial data: smasb_pdbeshape_example_data.tar (21 MB)

EMDB: Ardan Patwardhan

Presentation: emdb_instruct_2015.pptx (31 MB)