Collaborative Computational Project
for Electron cryo-Microscopy


CCP-EM Spring Symposium 2018

April 11-12th | Keele University

CCP-EM are proud to announce the fourth annual 'CCP-EM Spring Symposium'. The conference aims to provide a forum to highlight state of the art developments in computational cryoEM and related themes as well as showcasing outstanding recent applications. We promote an inclusive, friendly atmosphere welcoming both old and new to the community. Topics range from detector developments, image processing, single particle reconstruction, high resolution model building & validation, machine learning, tomography and electron diffraction.


Mark Basham (Diamond)
Sacha de Carlo (Dectris)
Ana Casanal (MRC-LMB)
Peter Cherepanov (Crick Institute)
Paul Emsley (MRC-LMB)
Hans-Werner Fink (Zurich University)
Achilleas Frangakis (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Tim Gruene (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Nicola Guerrini (STFC)
Ben Himes (Janelia)
Arjen Jakobi (TU Delft)
Corinne Smith (University of Warwick)
Carlos Oscar Sanchez Sorzano (CSIC Madrid)
Chris Russo (MRC-LMB)
Beata Turonova (EMBL)
Giulia Zanetti (Birkbeck)
Kai Zhang (MRC-LMB)
Xiaodong Zhang (Imperial)


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Keele University

CCP-EM Pub Quiz

The 2018 Spring Symposium featured the second CCP-EM Pub Quiz, with prizes including a Titan XP GPU card generously donated by NVIDIA.

Quiz paper

Quiz paper (with answers)


The quiz was won by:

Saskia Bakker, University of Warwick
Jonas Emsley, University of Nottingham
Klaus Fütterer, University of Birmingham
Chan Li, University of Nottingham
Luiza Mendonça, University of Oxford
Randy Read, University of Cambridge
Peter Rosenthal, The Francis Crick Institute
James Streetley, University of Glasgow