Collaborative Computational Project
for Electron cryo-Microscopy


CCP-EM Spring Symposium 2019

April 29th - May 1st | Nottingham University

CCP-EM are proud to announce the fifth annual CCP-EM Spring Symposium. The conference aims to provide a forum to highlight state of the art developments in computational cryoEM and related themes as well as showcasing outstanding recent applications. We aim to promote an inclusive, friendly atmosphere welcoming both old and new to the community and there is the opportunity to present your work via a poster or a selected talk.

Topics include instrument technology, sample preparation, image processing, single particle reconstruction, tomography and model building.


John Rubinstein (University of Toronto)
Sjors Scheres (MRC-LMB)

David Bhella (University of Glasgow)
Thomas Braun (University of Basel)
Doryen Bubeck (Imperial College London)
Kevin Cowtan (University of York)
Wanda Kukulski (MRC-LMB)
Stephen Muench (University of Leeds)
Stefan Pfeffer (University of Heidelberg)
Shaun Rawson (Harvard Medical School)
Thorsten Wagner (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology)
Felix Weis (EMBL)
Sonja Welsch (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Pamela Williams (Astex Pharmaceuticals)
Michele Darrow (TTP Labtech)
Giulia Weissenberger (CryoSol)

Scientific organisers:

John Briggs (MRC-LMB)
Rebecca Thompson (University of Leeds)

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Registration website


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CCP-EM Pub Quiz

The 2019 Spring Symposium features the third CCP-EM Pub Quiz.

Quiz paper

Quiz paper (with answers)