Collaborative Computational Project
for Electron cryo-Microscopy


CCP-EM Licence and Conditions


CCP-EM distributes a broad collection of software from a variety of sources, from both within and external to the CCP-EM project.

For the main CCP-EM suite, there is a single licence document governing the terms of use of the CCP-EM suite. Certain components of the CCP-EM suite may have their own conditions of use, and these should be read in addition to the CCP-EM licence.

Where we are able, we also re-distribute from the CCP-EM web site additional packages that are useful or necessary for running CCP-EM. These are not covered by the CCP-EM licence and have their own terms of use.


The suite is available without cost to academic and non-profit institutions who will not be using the CCP-EM package for commercial activities, subject to a completed CCP-EM academic software licence being returned to the CCP-EM secretary.

A charge is made to commercial users (this includes academic or research institutions offering a commercial service) who should contact for details. Please note that all charges for the suite are used for CCP-EM activities.

Please note:

Returning the licence

For non-profit users, the licence must be signed, and returned by email:

or by post to the following address:

Secretary to CCP-EM c/o Helen Walker
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Harwell Oxford
OX11 0QX
United Kingdom